The artistic pop-up event in Hämeenlinna encouraged visitors to see marvel in one’s nearby surroundings and travels of mind.

Travel Agent FEEL was a local The Other Travel Agency project held in the city of Hämeenlinna, Finland. It was organized by Kettuki in a local collaboration with Luotsisäätiö, Kultasuklaa, ARX Arts Centre for Children and Youth, and Korttien talo.

The event program included a postcard workshop for local elementary students by Maria Eloranta, a guided tour by special olympics medalist Mikko Kivikko. Artist Antti Korkeila painted portraits of the visitors, and artist Niko Liikanen drew pictures of travels and traveling. One could also attend a non-stop meeting point, loan a city bike, and buy some souvernirs.

On the last day of the pop-up week, during the Night of the Arts in Hämeenlinna, Kettuki held a discussion session in which artists, their family, politicians, and city officials discussed the possibilities of living city culture.

Event Photographs

A Guide Map to Hämeenlinna

In Hämeenlinna the workers of Viisari workcenter have
prepared a map for you. In the map you’ll find the
places and three different routes that are meaningful
for them in the city. Welcome along!