Unforgettable trips to unexpected places, exceptional worlds and extraordinary art


The Other Travel Agency is an art project that exerts from the margin, taking you to environments that otherwise would be closed. Artists from outside the mainstream art world act as travel guides and take you for a trip to the inner worlds and the physical surroundings of the artists.

Finland, Sweden, Iceland & Denmark

During summer 2019 The Other Travel Agency produces art events, exhibitions and products in Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. The main exhibition based on the local productions will present Nordic art made by artists from outside the mainstream art world in Brussels and Helsinki during the autumn. Read more on this web page soon!

Local Productions

4th floor – Hostel takeover

ODDSSON, JL House, Hringbraut 121, 107 Reykjavik, Iceland

Travel Agency: Inner journey

INUTI Gallery, Rålambsvägen 12, Stockholm, Sweden

Travel Agency Office

June–July 2019
Lahti, Finland

Travel Agency Office

Randers, Denmark

Pop Up Travel Agency

Keskustalo, Raatihuoneenkatu 13, Hämeenlinna, Finland

Main Exhibitions

Brussels, Belgium


Helsinki, Finland




Now you can see the city through the eyes of an artist from outside the mainstream art world. What places are important for them, where do they go and what are the sights that are not so obvious? You can find the answer to these questions in the city maps created by the local artists. Maps will be available on the internet and in the printed version.


We all know about the major sightseeing places, but who knows, for example, about all kinds of flowers in the city? Or the best places to enjoy the silence? Let the artists tell and show it to you! You can join a guided tour or follow the route yourself – or even take a virtual tour!

Traveling Art

In our Travel Agency, you don’t just travel to see art. Art also travels into unexpected places . How about a moving art exhibition? Or a pop-up art piece in the center of the city? Let’s see, what the artists will come up with! Available only for a limited time!


Souvenirs are an important part of traveling. This time you can forget the usual touristy stuff and get a different kind of memory about the cities – made of course by the local artists.


Jaakko Blomberg


Kai Ylinen


Päivi Lilja

Project leader